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Thread: [Fixed] Familiar's Stone Form

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    [Fixed] Familiar's Stone Form

    I noticed this in my last game and it is fairly interesting.

    1/ use stone form
    2/ just at the start of the animation issue an attack or move command

    expected result: the familiar ignores the order as it is uncontrollable while 'casting' stone form

    actual result: the familiar will "jump" about 200 range in the direction you move

    Testing this in WC3 shows that stone form cannot be canceled once the animation starts and thus 'jump' movement doesn't occur. It is also notable that the rubble on the ground from the impact is where you cast stone form, not where the familiar ends up, but the actual stun effect follows the familiar.

    normal stone form:
    "moved" stoneform:
    Now this may seem like a rather small bug, but it is actually quite important. Visages familiars usually have to be in front or on top of a target to stun it (varying on their speed and the level of the familiars), but with this you can stun most people from behind them. Which is quite strong for chasing people down.
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