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Thread: [Confirmed] Wisp's Tether is way too thin

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    [Confirmed] Wisp's Tether is way too thin

    There is no setting for tether's width in the data files. At first, I feared that it might even not have any...
    Hopefully, it is not that so bad, but still bad.

    It has about 53~60 width from both sides of the Tether,
    that should be 75

    I have made a test by putting my Io to (600, 500) and a Necronomicon warrior to (0, 500)
    and closed down an enemy Sven unit by unit to the Tether, it got stunned at (300, 577), 77 units away from the Tether
    then a Lancer, which got stunned at (300, 568), 68 units away from the Tether

    did the same from the other side of the Tether, same distances
    did the same from (200, x) and (100, x),
    moved my Santelmo to somewhere else, checked again, to make sure that the Tether bound does not have a weird shape
    the results are the same...

    68 units for lowCollision,
    77 units for highCollision...

    I don't know how the difference can be something else than 16 (24 - 8), but that's how it is.
    It is 100 in DotA
    so increasing it by 23 should do the job

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    you really need to use hero names that most people recognize.

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    TheAppelsin did you check how close an enemy has to come to a tethered unit to receive the stun? Like is there a difference between a the collision sizes of units.

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    I did. The Area of Effect is like an inflated straight balloon.
    Think of a stick that is as long as the distance between the Santelmo and the Tether'd unit. Now, thicken that stick by 68~77 on every point, make it look like an inflated stick-balloon.
    That is the area that it effects.

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