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Thread: 【Bug】chinese texts in dota2!!!

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    【Bug】chinese texts in dota2!!!

    1、 All the buttons translated in chinese appears like that!
    all the bottons are"----“
    the only one not bugged is in English...

    Hmm let's try to start a game
    you can see..

    when you want to chat here
    Some words can't be type at all
    such as "都"..well.. i didn't find any words more

    but actually many words can't be type easily

    that means if you want to type "A"
    then comes a "B"
    you have to delete the "B"
    and type"A"again

    each word for 1~5 times...

    and when you are in a game
    you can't speak in chinese at all...
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