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Thread: [S] Hero Teleportation sound effects

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    [S] Hero Teleportation sound effects

    Hi I don`t know if someone posted this already ,I apologize in advance if someone did. I also didn`t notice it in game.This is just an older post of mine not priority.

    If I may suggest an additional scalable sound effect for when a hero arrives at his destination via common item teleportation (TP/Boots)
    Depending on the hero`s physical size,affiliation with the classes of agility , intelligence ,melee and whether they are spiritual ,floating or flying heroes their arrival sounds unique.When I looked closely at the animation of the arrival it does look a bit like they are propelled down to the ground not just appearing , I might be mistaken.

    Example of effect : Big melee heroes like Pudge , Tidehunter , Spirit Breaker , Doom bringer, Earthshaker ,Slardar , Tiny (depending on his size ) Centuar Warrunner ,Ursa etc , will make a deep bass thumping sound when they arrive.This weight compliments their voices as well which are usually deep bellowing grants and howls.

    Lighter heroes like Bounty Hunter, Vengeful spirit ,Rikimaru , Windrunner , Drowranger , Bloodseeker etc will make a more subtle discreet arrival sound.

    Spiritual and flying heroes have a different more magical arrival sound : Wisp , Leshrac , Bane elemental , Viper etc.

    Optional : The audibility of the thump may depend on the level of the hero as well or just be affiliated with their classes ; Strength,Agility ,Int to make it easier.

    Apart from the visual arrival the only downside to this I could see is that it will give information away to the enemy of what type of hero is arriving and depending on how far the thump echos for others to hear.It could either be an effect only Allies can hear as to not break the TP usefulness.
    So it can have for instance 1500AoE audibility and only recognizable for allies,to enemies it sounds standard.

    I won`t go as far as to suggest that the color of the hero tele-portation should be visible with the top colored bar portrait bar draining or glowing,but just felt like mentioning that as well,if it wants to be discussed.

    Thanks for reading. Feedback welcome.
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