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    Wiped Item


    I just had a problem during the " Crash / Lag" server.
    I was in a trade with a friend and when the trade was done, it says error and the trade just closed.
    But when i have check my inventory i didn't find the item i wanted to trade and i didn't had the other.

    There is a way to have a roll back ? and have the item back ?

    It was a 2nd hand for AM crescent crasher or somthg like that.

    Thanks in adavance.

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    give it some time, the new item isn't always instantly in your stash. Also, keep in mind, the Steam servers have very little to do with the Dota 2 game itself. So, if there are any actual problems/solutions, you need to solve them with Valve Steam, NOT the Dota 2 developers.

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