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Thread: [Confirmed] Enemy unit control and vision

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    [Confirmed] Enemy unit control and vision

    Here's the DotA 1 confirmation - (feel free to further confirm and/or test)

    Summary: When you click on an enemy hero and are viewing their inventory/status in your UI their information continues to be displayed even when they are no longer visible to your team. This behaviour is different from DotA1 in that you should lose selection of that unit altogether.

    1. Create an enemy hero (or have a friend help)
    2. Left click on the visible enemy hero, their information is displayed in your UI (inventory/status)
    3. Move the enemy hero into fog so your team no longer has line of sight (no vision of enemy)

    You can continue to see the enemy hero's inventory/status (at that time).

    Just like in DotA 1 you lose selection of the enemy hero and can no longer see inventory and/or status and must re-click them once they come back into sight.

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    i can confirm that, but i always took it for an intended change to make inventory checking a bit less stressful.

    added to sticky nevertheless.
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    I agree with blash, it's fine as long as it doesn't get updated if they buy new things. It's OK to have a snapshot because otherwise it is very annoying trying to view the inventory on a hero moving in and out of fog for split seconds.

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    It's probably an intended change =)

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    im voting for intended change

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    I enjoy being able to view the status of my enemies continuously while I'm dead.

    Still, I think this should get changed to make every information blank as you lose the vision of the queried unit. Completely blank. Currently, for example, the bonus attack/agi/str/int information gets removed as you lose the vision of the selected unit right now, I think that should be happening to items, too.

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