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Thread: Feedback towards punishment system..

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    Feedback towards punishment system..


    I had a power cut whilst playing a match today (My stupid father hit the wrong switch)

    Anyway MY friend who I was playing with and on the phone too paused the game
    and informed everyone that I was reconnecting and to please let the pause go on for a minute or 2

    To wich they all replied NO! and proceeded to unpause the game INSTANTLY and carry on much to the protests of my friend

    Anyway I ended up missing the 5 minute time limit by about 10 seconds...
    So Im not in the punishment pool for a day cos your system for dealing with this kind of thing is utter garbage

    Oh and also when I came back on and voiced my disgruntlement at them not pausing the game
    They started shouting racist comments


    FIX IT!

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    Nothing to fix. Is it the fault of others that your father hit the power switch? Are you freaking kidding me?
    You wont end in LP for a single abandon btw. Have a nice day.
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.

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    There is honestly nothing to fix, five minutes is more than enough time for you to reconnect.

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    Yeah im not lol thought i would be tho

    But seriously 24 hours is way to much time...

    How many abandons till you end up in it?

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