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Thread: Skywrath Mage's New Voice

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    Skywrath Mage's New Voice

    I don't like it. With the deeper tone, it makes him sound very generic. He sounds like many of the other heroes do now. I liked the young, lovestricken, naive sounding voice he had before. It was very unique which is much needed in Dota. That voice fit his appearance and lore perfectly and I hope it is changed back. TJ Ramini does an amazing job wih voices and should not be altered like this.

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    Agreed 100%. The lower tone masks the character and sound the original had, and instead just sounds like a generic, deep edgy voice.
    Don't fix what isn't broken.

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    I have a lot to say on this topic, but I want to start off with the simple version: the first voice was better, and you guys should completely avoid doing this awful-sounding pitch editing for "reworking" a voice set. It doesn't sound remotely natural, and it's obnoxious. I don't think I'm blowing anyone's mind when I say that people are often hesitant to latch onto things they're unfamiliar with and that they often voice knee-jerk reactions to these new things when they can. Secondly, I don't think I'm blowing anyone's mind when I say that DotA and LoL are successful beside each other because there are very key differences not only in the way the games are played, but with the way people interface with the game and the way the games have been developed. With that in mind, I want to point out one of the things that has always been probably the most significant difference for me in the way DotA and LoL are approached: LoL is made to cater directly to the wishes of its fans in a very immediate fashion with changes in the game being done to directly satisfy what is being called for at any given time; DotA has been independently developed by various people (like Icefrog) with very large gaps between patches where people are forced to deal with the state of the game and learn to play around the changes instead of just whining that something "should" be a certain way and getting changes to make it fit their expectations. I think this difference is what has made DotA the healthier game in the end and a big reason why a lot of the people that enjoy it are attracted to it: it offers genuinely interesting situations and forces you to constantly reassess the game as you play instead of just falling into a "flow" where you feel like you've learned the game and are just sort of going through the motions.

    I think this philosophy can carry over to the way you guys (Valve) should be addressing art assets as you move forward. People love DotA because Icefrog does right by them. He's not perfect, and sometimes people aren't too happy about things at first, but he makes them be patient, and they realize in the end that the game's better and more interesting for it. Don't make reactionary changes to assets like this just because they have a negative reception the first 12 hours they're out. It's just silly. See how things pan out over time. If people still hate his voice a month from now, THEN look into changing it, but even if you do that, at least have the respect for your userbase to ACTUALLY get new voice work instead of just ramping down the pitch and calling it a day. Yes, I know it's very expensive to do a proper recording session, and so it may be hard to swallow, but if you're actually finding that you need to redo voice work, then you should probably look into what's going wrong the first time. Either way, actually give your work a chance. If you make reactionary changes based on everyone's initial impressions, you're going to end up with League, and the game will be shit. Period.

    With that out of the way, my thoughts on his voice last night were not that the pitch needed to be lower or that his accent was annoying, but that the delivery on some of the lines seemed to lack feeling. A lot of the sort of battle cries and such that he makes when using abilities seemed half-hearted and like maybe the voice actor felt awkward doing them. THAT is what I might would change. That said, it's still only an initial impression, and as I played a couple of games on the test client as him last night, I didn't find myself being annoyed with it like I was within my first five minutes of exposure, so apparently it's not THAT bad either way. I hope that you guys consider some the things I've said seriously, and that we can actually get his REAL voice files pushed to the main client instead of this half-assed job that shouldn't have been done in the first place. It was annoying when you guys did it for Beastmaster, but I think everyone figured it was a one-time thing and that you had your reasons (comparisons to Lion's voice probably). It was forgivable because it was the first time and because there were some long-established opinions (although I'm not sure I'd say complaints) about his voice. There's no excuse for this, though. You're not giving him a chance, and you're not even trying with what you're replacing it with. It's annoying and disappointing.

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    I'm inclined to agree that the new voice doesn't fit as well. Nothing wrong with having youthful sounding voices and the game already has enough deep bellowing filtered heroes. Let him be more natural and airy.

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    Well, here's my 2c. I like the new voice. Something felt off about the original one. I read the lines several weeks ago, before he was added to the game, and I was really hoping for some amazing voice work to accompany the lore and backstory (which, I have to say, I am in love with). Some people have said it was a whiny voice; I don't know if that's quite the right word but something like that, I think. A lot of complaints, now, are that all the heroes are being modded to make them DEEP and MANLY and all that. I really don't think that's the case here. I think his voice is a perfectly reasonable pitch, and I think it complements the original work nicely.

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    agree, sounds terrible

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    +1, Yesterdays voicework was perfect.

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    When a new voice makes a line like "It was all I could give you, Sweet Spirit," sound half-hearted bad things have happened.

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    I do not appreciate the new voice at all. It's so out of proportion.

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    Really wish they kept the original the feathery and younger voice, it made sense for a angelic flying mage. Now, it's just a generic Russian accent.

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