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Thread: Skywrath Mage New vs Old Voice

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    Skywrath Mage New vs Old Voice

    What Voice do you like better?

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    I would like to have the old one back

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    Old one better of course.. omg how many topics do we have on the same subject, maybe a merge of all this.

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    I have no-idea why there were complaints the first time, his old voice perfectly displayed his youth and made him stand out.

    Also so much of his voice quality was lost, turning his pitch down.... His voice sounds so flat and un-changing now, remember how this used to sound?

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    Quote of mine post in other thread:

    I specially found my old acc for this poll. New voice is totally shit. Why, Valve? All champions (like troll warlord) becoming more generic piece of red shit and their voices are becoming more rough. Finally, you did something intrersting - backstory, modell and awesome voice, for pure graceful mage. And theeeeen i saw this?! Again rough and generic voice of badass dude? Srsly? I am angry, i am VERY angry and i hope, that you will restore old voice. Cause all this generic gruff voices are totally lame. -_-

    Make some graceful champion, like high elfs from eq2 or blood elfs from wow. Stop this deeper, gruffer and derper voices for all kind of heroes. Personally, I am tired of this shit.

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