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Thread: Unusual Courier effects not appearing

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    Unusual Courier effects not appearing

    Unusual courier effects aren't being displayed in game until I swap couriers in my inventory. Once I swap my Drodo or Speed Demon for my green unusual Greevil and swap back, the effects appear in game. This problem just started since updating with today's patch.
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    My perfect merciless with 3UE looks like a POTATO.

    Flying potato..jpg

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    My unusual skip the delivery frog with lotus effect also became a normal without effect now .. it dissappeared after this patch

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    Happening to me too
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    happen to me too, merciless exort aura turn in to naked exort air

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    same here for trail of lotus blossom. unusual effects disappeared

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    happened to me too. i have multiple unusual couriers and a few of the effects are showing. i haven't tried them all yet tho

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    My unusual war dog has lost his red ethereal flame too

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    Same here, my Speed Demon - Divine essence is now a normal speed demon.. It is still unusual but does not give the effect in game. I've only tried in private lobby but it should be working there as well.

    As OP mention, swapping courier will give the effect back. I had to swap it in game.
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    same here
    effect was gone after this patch
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