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Thread: dota 2 high ping

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    dota 2 high ping

    is there a problem on valve servers? i am playing on SEA server and i am getting high ping lately, my minimum is 248ms. but normally, it is 40+. this only happen i think a couple of weeks ago? couldnt remember clearly. then i search the forums and try the tracert thing here it is:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Unable to resolve target system name


    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:

    1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
    2 * * * Request timed out.
    3 9 ms 9 ms 22 ms
    4 14 ms 12 ms 19 ms
    5 8 ms 15 ms 14 ms
    6 23 ms 14 ms 9 ms
    7 21 ms 10 ms 31 ms [
    8 13 ms 27 ms 12 ms []

    9 31 ms 22 ms 20 ms []

    10 173 ms 172 ms 181 ms [209.58.9
    11 352 ms 347 ms 334 ms [64.86.
    12 339 ms 381 ms 337 ms
    13 347 ms 377 ms 360 ms [180.87.1
    14 248 ms 249 ms 252 ms
    15 311 ms 244 ms 240 ms []
    16 248 ms 252 ms 241 ms []
    17 253 ms 252 ms 240 ms []

    Trace complete.


    just want to know if this is also happening to others, because even if my internet speed is decent. i am playing with a minimum of 248ms and it sucks

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    I'll quote my little guide to detect cause and get rid of lag spikes from some posts ago:

    the problem is jitter related (variance of the ping).

    1. Ping your router for a significant amount of time (find your gateway with ipconfig from cmd, it may look as, I'll assume it actually is cmd>ping -t, 5 min will be enough)
    Check for ping spikes and try to get if they are periodical.
    If they are strongly periodical the following may dramatically help you, try those anyway:

    i) OPTIONAL: Disable Nagle Algorithm, you can find a guide here. Reboot.
    ii) Download wlan optimizer, disable autoconfig and background scan, run it.

    Give it another test. Are your lag spikes there again? If the answer is yes go to 2. If not go to 3

    2. Disable wifi, connect via ethernet. Retest your router ping.
    Most likely you will not have lag spikes.
    If you have not lag spikes your problem is caused by wifi connection.

    Try to change your router communication channel: there will be 13 channels avaible, choose one avoiding 6th and 11th. They are the most frequented.

    Reconnect on wifi to give your router another test. If you have no lag spikes go to 3.
    If you have lag spikes we have bad news, you have to play on eth0.
    Connect to eth0,proceed to 3.

    3. Final test.
    Ping for some times (cmd>ping -t, 5 min) and assure yourself you have no terrible lag spikes more.
    Try a game, in the most of cases you wont experience lag anymore.
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    how about this? I checked my ping, my router, I even ping and no lag spikes coming up but whenever I'm in the game, it returns 300 ping or even higher

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    happens for me too my ping is great everywhere else but inside of a hame i have 300+ that should be fixed immidiately

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    103.28.x.x servers are fucked. if u see this ip in your console, dc. wait till you get a game in 103.10.x.x server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durael View Post
    happens for me too my ping is great everywhere else but inside of a hame i have 300+ that should be fixed immidiately

    I've noticed this a lot lately too. Outside dota I get an average of 29ms on

    Inside dota it's well over 100... Typically in the 300 range.

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    so, I guess there's no fix for this?

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    i hope they will come up a solution on this. i always check my ping on and i always have good connection but when i play dota2 my ping is always high. i am forced to use some trial version of wtfast just to lower the ping alittle bit. it is not like this before. even when i am playing left for dead 2. my ping is 250+ even with good internet connection. valve problem? sea?

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    I'm facing the same issue still... used to get pings at around 60ish, but now its around 300-400...
    can't play the game at such high pings

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    Guys,the problem here is, we're getting routed to somewhere in the US rather than the direct X>SEA server path because of the way they advertise their routes.

    There is NO real solution for it unless the routes are optimised from either sides.Its a wait-game.
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