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Thread: Australia and South Africa Server Support

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    hostname: Valve Dota 2 Australia Server (srcds004.171.37)
    version : 41/41 1500 secure
    steamid : [A:1:1465080837:5801] (90096909117774853)
    udp/ip : os(Linux) type(dedicated)

    completely unplayable, game didnt close due to connection issues

    match id: 1736728495

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    Completely unplayable. Don't know why I bother posting here, nothing ever gets done. Makes me feel like an idiot for being so loyal to a game and a company that obviously doesn't give a god damn about even providing the very basics of working servers.

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    Constant lag in AU servers. Goes right up to 900ms during fights. This is especially true for peak periods (ie evening to night). Could someone look into this? Thanks!

    This issue has been present for a really long time. I hope that you guys would improve the player experience.

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    South African servers broken. Easily wait 30 minutes to find a game, search time also resets often. No one in the country can play, check South Africa chat in game. The game is dying here because of this. We need more servers or a fix asap! Please...

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    Okay first time post Just like to say hi before I post my concerns.


    With that out the way I am having some issues with the reborn client and search times, when we were first forced over to the reborn client the search times we decent if not better than the original S1 client. But now the searches are taking FOREVER, as i type this message myself and a friend are currently searching for 18 minutes. Now I understand its a Sunday afternoon and it is often a busy time for our servers. But normal times were usually 4-6 minutes. I have been searching for 3 times that now.

    Hope this Thread gets looked at.

    PS. Now 24 minutes.

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    Today and yesterday on SA servers we have had times where we've searched an hour - 2 hours and finally given up
    You're way more likely to find a game in over 30 mins then find a game in under 10 mins

    Actually I've only been able to find 2 games in probably 7+ hours of on and off searching

    What is going on?

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    Dear valve,

    My dota2 game ID is nYk!
    Game ID: 56003941
    I was playing silencer on a solo MMR game.
    My team has lina, zeus, antimage and a bounty hunter.
    The enemy team has phantom lancer, leshrac, bloodseeker, lion and mirana.

    We played for like 40min+, my team was going to win the game after breaking top, mid and bottom barrack and got mega creeps. Out of a sudden, the whole server lag and i get disconnected, i am not sure about the others but my connections is fine.

    When I try to reconnect back to the game after 1 minute, the enemy's throne has been destroyed and all the players has left the game. Then when i return back to the lobby, it mentioned that the game will not be counted. What has happen here?

    Its not fair for the winning team because we fought so hard for the victory.
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    South African servers are super boned. Icefrog posting in meme threads about 6.85 but your game is broken fool!

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    whit the server load time 5min+ (sometime more than a hour) , in South Africa, (including custom games that run a dedicated server) , is there a way to disable the dedicate server and just self host? or a way to find out if how long will it take to find the server (custom map). And what is the reason for the load times, has someone started looking in on it , and when will it be fixed

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    South African Matchmaking is broken, takes extremely long to find a game. Timer when finding game randomly resets. No one can manage to find a game even though my full friends list are currently searching.

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