Zirain, it sounds like you are getting a large amount of packet loss which causes the game to reset the connection and request a "full update" from the server. If your connection has very low bandwidth, this full update maybe too large and being dropped, so you end up stuck.

There are a few suggestions I can make that may help:

- Are you playing in wireless? Wireless can cause huge drops in packet loss based on load and interference. Try moving to a wired connection if possible.
- Enable the console in Dota 2 and try setting "rate 20000" in the console. This will tell the server to send its data at a lower rate to you which may reduce the burst traffic that is interfering. The default rate is "80000". You can probably set rate as low as 12000, but I wouldn't recommend that as the game will start choking packets to try to keep the data under the rate cap you set.

Let me know if either of those changes help you. Also, typing "net_graph 5" into the console and taking a screenshot of the graph shortly after one of these incidents may assist in seeing what is occuring.