Hi I don`t know if someone posted this already ,I apologize in advance if someone did.
Sorry if i had some spelling errors, my english is not so good.

I realized when lycan's wolves die, they don`t produce any sound . This little detail it is very important.Why?

1) When im jungling, i donīt know if my wolves are still alive. In fact, i do, but with sound it can be faster.

2) When im in 1vs1, i couldn`t know if my enemy had a cleave attack until i saw my wolves dead. This detail can be decisive between i fight or run.

3) It is artistically dissapointing. When i invoke the wolves, the sound is superb but when they die there is only silence.

You can add a sound like dota 1 or a more realistic sound like HoN (the wolves do like a dying howl).

Thanks for reading.