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Thread: [Fixed] Kunkka's Ghost Ship lacks an AoE marker

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    [Fixed] Kunkka's Ghost Ship lacks an AoE marker

    The problem is that in DOTA2 you can't see where is the ship going to land (only the X mark which is pretty useless)

    Here's how it works in DotA (you know the exact stun aoe thanks to the "watery" effect), and I believe DOTA2 should be the same in this aspect
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    Agreed, Kunkka is underwhelming and hard to use enough already as it is.

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    hm, i can remember reading about this bug already but cant find it on the sticky.:/

    added to sticky.
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    Yeah, this topic was discussed a lot in an earlier thread. I agree with OP and still think that the ship requires a of guess work as far as gauging where to launch it. As of now, we get a marker of where the ship will "start to crash" as opposed to a final destination. The Dota 1 indicator seems to be different.

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