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Thread: Some initial suggestions

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    Some initial suggestions

    Hey all,

    Have played a couple of games so far and just have a few initial suggestions, tiny things I noticed as soon as I jumped into the game:

    1) It'd be really nice if character's levels appeared on their health bar. Having to mouse over or scoreboard to level check is a bit of a pain, especially when that info is so important

    2) Using Ctrl+A to Attack a target changes the cursor only slightly, to an Arrow with an arrow next to it. I really don't notice this cursor change when i do it so I'm missing feedback confirming my action worked. If the cursor could switch to a crosshair or something like that in that case it'd be much easier to see

    3) It's hard to tell when people have used their Ghost Marches, needs more of an effect

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    1) I'd like for the enemy levels to appear at the top pane as well in some fashion

    2) agreed

    3) I'm pretty sure they just haven't gotten around to adding an effect to this yet

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