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Thread: Remove Randomoption from AP

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    Remove Randomoption from AP

    Hi Guys,

    would it be possible to remove the random option from ap? I know it was also part in dota 1, but in dota 1 you could also do random agi/int/strength, and this is not implemented.

    It is really annoying to play against a 3 stack that picks decent, while the 3 stack in my team randoms. Those who wanna random can play all random...

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    Many people random just for bonus gold which causes unfair advantage when they get good hero with said bonus gold (they can start with bottle or boots and have some stats / regen). Eventually they end up with hero they suck at or that doesn't fit lineups. At least random bonus gold should be removed. (There is an option to spin to random hero atm which is fine enough cos it doesn't automatically select that hero)...

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