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Thread: [Confirmed] Slark's Dark Pact purging repel & regeneration rune

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    [Confirmed] Slark's Dark Pact purging repel & regeneration rune

    Quote Originally Posted by Pyros View Post
    In dota1, Slark's Dark Pact Purge is actually a bit different than the usual purges and dispels additional abilities that other stuff doesn't.

    Stuff it purges that it shouldn't:
    Omniknight's Repel but ONLY if it's an ENEMY Repel, ally Repel isn't purged as intended.
    Regeneration Rune(probably not purging it though and simply turning it off due to self damage, which does not happen in dota1)

    And before you feel you have to correct me on how these are not dispellable and it's intended, know that I have tested all of these in dota1 and dota2. There are undispellable effects even by Slark's Dark Pact(for example Venomancer's Poison Sting, Bane's Enfeeble or Razor's Link) but these are specifically removed even though they shouldn't. There might be more.
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    added to sticky.
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    Purging my own regeneration rune still happens to me sometimes, even after all these games I've played with him in Dota 2. Old habits die hard. If you would fix this bug, it would be appreciated among any old school Slark players, I'm sure.
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