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Thread: [Confirmed] Power Cogs Don't Dispel Battle Hunger

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    [Confirmed] Power Cogs Don't Dispel Battle Hunger

    As seen here.

    In DotA 1, destroying Clockwerk Goblin's Power Cogs dispelled Battle Hunger. This is not the case in Dota 2.
    Edit: These are similar enough that I think it doesn't warrant another thread. In DotA 1, killing a courier does not remove Battle Hunger, but it does in Dota 2, as seen in the same video here. This may be a fix, if you think that Battle Hunger was intended to dispel on any kill.

    Thanks to ProveAttitude for her excellent videos.
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    added to sticky.
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    this was not reported here before? ok... then i am surprised that the video maker didnt report it.
    btw nice video(s). good quality.

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