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Thread: [Confirmed] X Marks the Spot Dodged by Phase Shift and Hero Removal

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    [Confirmed] X Marks the Spot Dodged by Phase Shift and Hero Removal

    As partially seen here.

    X Marks the Spot's Return can be evaded by Puck's Phase Shift, Outworld Devourer's Astral Imprisonment, and Shadow Demon's Disruption. It should not be able to.
    (In all three cases, the animation remains in the original location, but the hero (and their illusions) are spawned at the X.)

    Thanks to DotaCinema and Pixel Laboratories for their excellent video.

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    added to sticky.

    i personally think this is part of cleaning up "movement" mechanics and their interaction with hidden heroes though.
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    X actually has a check to use different kind of movement on a splitted brewmaster because it used to yank him out of it. Not checking for the target being hidden is not a Warcraft 3 limitation.

    The animation staying in the wrong spot can easily be argued to be an oversight though.

    Glimpse should probably be tested as well.

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