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Thread: [Fixed] Troll Priest is missing its Autocast and continuous Heal

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    [Fixed] Troll Priest is missing its Autocast and continuous Heal

    Just get the Troll Priest Heal (Doom, Ench, Chen, HoD) and you will notice that this creep is missing Autocast for Heal.

    Additionally Heal doesnt heal continuously like in D1 you have to cast each Heal manually. Gives this creep a huge disadvantage imo

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    I made a thread about this just earlier, but it went unacknowledged. It turned out that both me and the OP here were partially wrong, as I have seen after watching his video. Forest Troll High Priest's Heal does autocast, but doesn't acquire targets unless theyre closer than (some distance less than the cast radius). In DotA 1, autocast buffs/debuffs would cause the caster to move to acquire casting targets (with a range of I don't know, but longer than the casting range).

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    semi fixed... fixed on neutrals, but not on hero(aka doom)

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