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Thread: [Confirmed] Destroying Power Cogs in the Corner make you pass the barrier

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    [Confirmed] Destroying Power Cogs in the Corner make you pass the barrier

    maybe intended but i still gonna report

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    The ability to pass from destroyed corner cogs seems like intended, Sometimes cogs got stacked if there was no room to make them (like in the first example where the neutrals destroy them).

    Creep aggro doesn't look like intended though.

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    That is not a good argument...
    power cogs in DotA still attempt to create 8 power cog that are 125 units apart from each other and clockwerk, and each power cog is given a 4x4 pathing texture which is 128x128 in map units; so, to me, it seems that cogs were never designed to allow cwg or any trapped unit to be able to escape through destroying a corner cog

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    the problem is that destroying a corner cog makes it very easy for clockwerk to escape, while the following hero will surely be zapped by both cogs, while it might be possible to chase him without getting zapped when escaping in the other directions.

    added to sticky.
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    Well... They shouldn't get zapped by the cogs, due to the current cog activation bugs... Not sure if intended or not, need icefrog :P

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