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Thread: REQUEST: Why not show full player stats?

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    Thanks BNi-PoweR! youre exactly the reason why idiots like you will never have stats in dota and im glad about it.

    And FYI; you can check my info in DOTABUFF, same Alias.

    I dont give a damn about stats, go and wank yourself with my K/D ratios lol.

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    bad players = want no stats
    good players = want stats

    im a bad player

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    Thanks DEV TEAM.
    Now you put "View Heroes Played" tab visible on Friends too.

    It's cool to see that Valve Team is listening to our requests.
    Even in silence! =)


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    TheAzathoth got banned from the Forum.
    I don't mind why! LOL

    He is someone with 1,680 matches played and 50% win rate.
    The best hero is AXE with 215 games and 63% wins.

    Now I see why he don't want to show stats on DOTA.

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    The community is not mature, it's full of trolls. PEople have so much reasons to abuse people with stupid chat bubbles, and revealing stats will only be an extra excuse for internet trolls.
    DOTABUFF stands there, if you want to feel strong about your ratings, go and feel satisfied.

    I for myself was checking dotabuff very frequently a couple of months ago. While I had %85 win rate with LYcan with over 50 games. I found out that I am not tolerant for mistakes anymore. I was flaming to people just because I am getting a lost. I was forgetting that this game is about having fun, not having high ratings. So, when I noticed that ratings have a very big side effect on how I threat people, I turned it off. 2000+ games, not a single communication/normal ban.

    I know the MMR system is not flawless, but VALVE is trying to do the job by putting people with similar skills to the same match.
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    Starcraft 1 (at least) had W/L/Disc, and stats were showed automatically when you joined a game and people with mediocre/bad Stats used to be banned right away

    But, sometimes You'r stats on Starcraft 1 were 50W/50L and you could be better than a 100W/50L because you used to play with better players. But people who looks stats doesn't know anything.

    In DOTA i always play alone so stats are not the same as a persona who always plays in party. We have to deal with "MID OR FEED", and ALOTTA BADIES,afkers, quiters, etc..

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