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Thread: [Confirmed] Meld isn't disabled after attacking Nightmared units

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    [Confirmed] Meld isn't disabled after attacking Nightmared units

    Meld stays on Lanaya if she attacks a Nightmared Unit, shouldn't.
    Tested with Testmap 6.77, so if someone would be so nice to doublecheck in the real client that would be great.

    1.) Nightmare a unit
    2.) Cast meld next to the nightmared unit
    3.) Let the melded unit (Lanaya, Rubick) attack the nightmared unit

    Result: Previously melded unit is still melded, (and thus invisible) (&nightmare gets carried over to the melded Unit)

    Expected result: Meld is dispelled, (&nightmare gets carried over to the attacking, previously melded Unit)

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    This might be related to previous Meld issues : Moderate 21
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    added to sticky.
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