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Thread: The UI needs a "scale" bar -- it's MUCH too large right now.

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    17... fucking... inches. And I'm doing good, actually. Yesterday, after more than 200 games, I clicked in the minimap by mistake. Then realized that I was playing WC DotA and not DotA 2. So, yeah, I think the UI is good atm; yet many features would be thanked by me and many.

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    23.9" screen and its way too big.

    Imo theres ALOT of useless borders in the HUD. Minimap - character head - spells - Items. Why does there even have to be a small space with some grey HUD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiGodKolya View Post
    22" here, it looks good to me.
    19" 1440x900 here, i'm vertically blind.

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    yeah .... there is no need to have UI same for everyone (depending on how good ur computer is and monitor settings... UI sizes change anyhow) .... but as it is ... the game is more zoomed in ... and such an enormous UI is just game hindering.

    my screen resolution is locked in game and i cant make it more in order to make it smaller .... please fix this ... as it is i get myself killed by accident cuz of it. no space to even click to move :/
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