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Thread: [Confirmed] Spirit Bear loses HP with V/P-Booster while upgrading

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    [Confirmed] Spirit Bear loses HP with V/P-Booster while upgrading

    1. Buy one HP Booster for Spirit Bear (level 1)
    2. Upgrade Spirit Bear level
    3. Watch Spirit Bear's Health decreaing

    Expected Result: Bear shouldnt lose any health

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    added to sticky.

    the video is quite hard to follow though (because you click so fast).
    the problem is that the vitality booster simply increases the max hp in dota 2 and does not keep the hp ratio of the hero. since equiping the vit booster happens instantly when leveling the spirit bear skill this results in 250 hp loss per level and consecutively affects the hp ratio of the hero when leveling spirit bear again.
    it's basically the exactly opposite of the energy booster bug.
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    Still not fixed. It was fixed for his mana, but not for his hp.

    When leveling the skill up, his hp and mana should be refreshed.
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