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Thread: Ability Glitches in Mid Lane

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    Ability Glitches in Mid Lane

    Often when I am laning mid I see abilities appearing randomly always in the same position (if you're standing in the river in mid lane facing the dire, just up the hill to the right). It's usually clocks rocket hitting or AA's ulti hitting, even when they aren't in the game! It's difficult to take screenshots of it, will look at the replay if I see it again to see if it happens there.

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    Same with Beastmaster's axes.

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    It's the origin of the map. The same thing happened in Dota 1. Basically if there isnt a place to put an animation it shows up there. It's very annoying sometimes. You will also see things like Kunkka's Tidebringer, Nature's Prophet's teleport, Visage's familiars, among other things. It can really throw off a mid-laner sometimes.

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