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Thread: [Confirmed] Visage's Familliars fully ignore disables, and movement speed buffs

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    [Confirmed] Visage's Familliars fully ignore disables, and movement speed buffs

    watching a game currently, where i saw void proc a stun on a familiar, but it was still able to move. The sound was there, and the visual affect of the stun was there, but the familiar was still being controlled and moved by the player.

    Edit by Buny:

    Currently the Familliars simply ignore everything that changes their movement speed, from stuns, over ensnares, to slows and even movement speed buffs.

    They should be affected by them just like how a hero is affected by them.

    This spells and skills are currently affected:


    • Primal Roar as main target
    • Supernova
    • Dismember
    • Reverse Polarity
    • Mana Void
    • Fiend's Grip
    • Chaotic Offering
    • Flaming Lasso
    • Timelock
    • Headshot
    • Berserker's Rage melee
    • Bash (Slardar)
    • Bash (Roshan)
    • Skull Basher
    • Abyssal Blade
    • Monkey King Bar

    • Call of the Wild Lesser and Greater Boar Poison Attack
    • Elder Dragon Form lvl3 Frost Breath
    • Degen Aura
    • Life Break
    • Walrus Punch
    • Curse of Avernus
    • Jinada
    • Requiem of Souls
    • Poison Sting
    • Viper Strike
    • Spectral Dagger
    • Geostrike
    • Ghost Walk
    • Demonic Purge
    • Drum of Endurance passive

    • Ensnare
    • Dark Troll Summoner Ensnare

    Movement speed buffs:
    • Empowering Haste
    • Track
    • Necronomicon Archer Attack and Movement Speed Aura
    • Eye of Skadi
    • Kobold Foreman Speed Aura
    Last edited by bu3ny; 02-09-2014 at 05:54 AM. Reason: Updated OP, added list of spells

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    Do you have the Match ID?

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    i dont have it because i was watching it.

    can someone test it?
    i am just reporting the bug.

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    VY Canis Majoris

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    added to sticky.

    p.s.: the fake bashes are back!
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