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Thread: Massive lag spikes in teamfights

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    Massive lag spikes in teamfights

    After the last patch i have huge problems with lag. When the game starts it is all ok, the laning phase is ok, but when teamfights start it goes out of controll. Ping goes through teh roof, im getting spikes up to 1000 ping. The game becomes unplayable. I have 2 laptops and 1 PC where we play as 3, so all 3 on same connection. Any solution to this ? what could be wrong?

    NOTE!: Before the last titan patch everything was ok, no lags and steady ping through the whole game. Never had issues before it, and i have played roughly 1000 games or so

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    I had the same problem today 2-3 games today, and yesterday evening got to 2 times. Its completly unplayable.

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    Sadly I'm facing this problem as well ... Really can't play well especially the most important part of the game is teamfight and I'm missing out alot .. Hope this get fixed as soon as possible !

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