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Thread: [Fixed] Multiple Rocket Flares targeting issue (refresher)

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    [Fixed] Multiple Rocket Flares targeting issue (refresher)

    If you cast Clockwerk's Rocket Flare again while another one is still flying, when the one you cast first reaches its destination, it will reveal and damage the area that you targeted with the second one (regardless of which one reaches their destination first).


    1. Go to bot game
    2. Pick Clock, learn Rocket Flare
    3. Activate -wtf
    4. Shoot a Rocket Flare at some far off destination
    5. Shoot another Rocket Flare at some other destination
    6. Wait

    Result: The first rocket flare will fly to its original destination then dissipate into nothingness, but the particle effects, vision, and damage will be done where you targeted the second one. The second one will work as normal.

    Expected Result: The first rocket flare explodes where you targeted it.

    If you fire 3+ at once they'll all go to whatever was your most recent.

    I can try to get a video up but I'll need to get some recording software.

    Note that this isn't that viable in a real game without Refresher because even if you shoot from your fountain to the enemy fountain, it will reach its target before the cooldown is up.
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    This got fixed.
    No more rockets getting stuck anywhere.
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    Similar thing exists with AA ulti, Ice blast, when used by refresher. You can simply hit 3 times with Ice blast, too. Tested a minute ago.

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