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Thread: [Feedback/bug] Limited item sales system

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    [Feedback/bug] Limited item sales system

    As it currently stands, the limited edition Wyverguard Edge has been sold out, but can currently still be added to the shopping cart via the category pages 'Top Sellers' and 'Equipment':

    When pressing checkout, however, it gives an error with the statement "An item you are attempting to purchase has sold out or is currently unavailable.", and the item is thus not purchased.

    It's something minor, but I would highly recommend that the category pages start displaying 'Sold out' in place of the price when such an item has been sold out. It would also be nice if limited items were tagged as such in the category pages, as there currently is no such way to see if an item is limited or not.
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    My feedback... Don't sell limited items. I was sleeping so not even a chance to buy it.
    Plus people got another item they can sell for $ xxx cause it is limited. Sure sure ask/demand and all that but thats not what it should be about...

    It would also be nice if the whole store would be working properly. So often its down/broken without knowing why or how long.

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