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Thread: #cef_error_header-6 cant buy anything.

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    Exclamation #cef_error_header-6 cant buy anything.

    What the fuck is this? A live game just started to which i've been trying to buy a god damn ticket for for the last 30 minutes, all I get is this god damn error, I've been waiting for this game for the last couple of days and now I cant even watch it.

    Is there any fucking way I can do anything about this? It's so frustrating!

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    i suppose thats the game you want to watch:

    if not, browse the web for live stream you want.
    Dota store is broken and it seem to be broken long enough to you to miss the match...

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    Dota store is swamped right now due to the release of the TI3 tickets. I suggest watching the game on the given link for the mean time.

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