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Thread: Coin sfx from killing creep's

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    Post Coin sfx from killing creep's

    hey hows it going!

    Would be nice if their was an option to change this noise or turn it off.
    it isn't personally annoying for myself,
    but a few people i know have voiced their opinion about it.


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    Sound scheme in the future maybe w'd ok!

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    Agreed. If they don't remove it, at least we should be able to remove for ourselves.

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    Use this command in console: snd_setmixer UI mute 1.0
    However, since the UI sounds are defined together, this will also mute Cooldown/Not ready/Recharging sound/clicking.

    Here are other sounds you may want to experiment with in case others bother you as well:
    Creep Last hit
    "voip" "0.9"
    "ambient" "0.4"
    "Ping" "0.5"
    "Silencer" "0.8"
    "Ultimates" "0.8"
    "TutorialVO" "0.3"
    "TutorialMusic" "0.3"
    "Announcer" "0.5"
    "VO" "0.3"
    "PlayerDamage" "0.6"
    "Stingers" "0.5"
    "Weapons" "0.7"
    "BaseAttacks" "0.4"
    "HeroPick" "0.4"
    "Music" "0.4"
    "Creeps" "0.3"
    "Deaths" "0.6"
    "Physics" "0.6"
    "UI" "0.5"
    "Placeholder" "0.0"

    "All" "0.5"

    P.S. Sorry for bumping oldish thread but this came up on google while searching "mute coins sound" so I wanted to let others know how I fixed it myself.

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