Please help

I'm from PH and my ISP is PLDT. Queued for rank match and was already in the hero selection stage then disconnected and "unable to establish a connection with gameserver" pop up and i can no longer reconnect which led to an abandon and a low prio penalty.

DOTA 2 PING TESTER by FranzMeister 0.1 December 2013
South East Asia, Singapore - (SEA) Singapore: 194ms - (SEA) Singapore: 54ms
Europe - (EU West) Luxembourg: 287ms - (EU East) Vienna: 373ms
United States - (US West) Washington: 286ms - (US East) Sterling: 351ms
Australia - (AU) Sydney: Error
Russia - (SW) Stockholm: Error
South America - (BR): Error - (BR): 337ms
South Africa - (SA) Cape Town 450ms - (SA) Cape Town 473ms
Middle East - (UAE) Dubai: 278ms
"The listed IPs are of one among the servers used in a cluster for all regions, which is enough to approximately determine the ping." Press any key to continue . . .