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Thread: BOYCOTT Mute System

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    BOYCOTT Mute System

    Attention my humble players, newbs, and pros!
    I must call upon you guys to unite against this horrible mute feature. We must show our strength against the face of this villainy and protest in till this cancerous system is removed or highly adjusted. I call asking those who are against this mute system to put a freeze on spending any funds on this game.

    Seriously though, I spend a lot of money on this game because Ive played this game for 7 yrs now. I feel when I first got my beta key that valve had done such amazing job already with this game and it got better and better. So I had no issues spending cash on this game. But now with this mute feature AND the fact that valve wont give in to the community's requests to just throw it out, I believe that the money train should do a lay over for a bit. I can go on and on about how bad the mute system is but I think that's been discussed enough.

    So please, if you feel the same post here that you vow not to spend any more money on dota 2 purchases in till the mute system is removed or heavily revised. Post it here, post it in your sig. Lets hit Valve where it matters, in the wallet.

    ****If you dont agree then simply don't post here, if you need to argue about whether this system is good or bad there is another 355+ page thread to do this in. Dont derail my thread pls.
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