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Thread: Hero taunts crashes the server

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    Hero taunts crashes the server

    Furion's new dance item crashes server, when it's equipped and you press "play" you will lose connection to server, and trying to reconnect will give "unable to find game session", tried in play against bots, and it crashed my dota 2 when I clicked "play" after picking Furion.

    This is actually the case with all taunts, not just Nature's Prophet. I have merged all threads on the issue, and since this is a pretty severe issue, I will sticky the thread as well. ~Hefaistus
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    Able to reproduce bug. Happened in match making as well as versus bots. As soon as you hit play the connect to the game ends for everyone.

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    Same here, it is clearly the taunts.
    I tried joining a solo vs bots local game and with it equipped and I crashed.
    I joined a lobby match without it equipped, spawned in, re-equipped it in the loadout and when I died, the server dropped just as I respawned.
    This happens with both "Shredding the Lute" and "Victory Jig" taunts for natures prophet.

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    Cannot play Witch Doctor since I unboxed his taunt.

    So if I select Witch Doctor now even without his taunt equipped it seems that I get an auto-disconnect from the server and cant rejoin.

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    So, the server is crashed and millions of player are unable to connect to the server?

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    No, only one game.
    But I tried to play without the taunt and it still got crashed..

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    Happens for me with;
    -Axe: "Come and get it!", Jugg: "For death and honor" and Furion: "Shredding the lute"

    Start up a bot game, pick hero with taunt equipped and get "warning connection problem". Not able to reconnect.

    Edit: Crash happens when clicking play, not when picking hero. Can unequip taunt and click play. If you re-equip, game crashes when you respawn after dying.
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    Taunts all crashing games.. FIX PLEASE

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    This happens with all taunts, if you're planning on playing any heroes with a taunt I highly suggest not having them equipped until the problem gets fixed.

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    imba taunt

    valve nerf plz

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