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Thread: What do you learn from solo matchup (New matchmaking system)?

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    I personally think that solo and public is the FUCKING SAME!
    Keep getting match up with retards who plays on public and test heroes... *facepalm ended up feeding 1/10 as a troll warlord.
    People from India, United State, China even came into SE Asia server to play, ended up disconnect or lagging hard.

    Well Valve, fuck you, Blizzard is better than you.

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    Solo Match Making is the best thing that has ever happened to Dota <3
    I played 8 or 9 single matches yesterday. I didn't have ONE bad game. We won some and lost some but every game felt really enjoyable, even in defeat.

    I get:

    1. People who can pull their own weight. (This one is so important that It's hard to comprehend)
    2. People who communicate.
    3. People who are polite (even in the other team).
    4. People who doesn't feed.
    6. 2 more minutes of queuing (which is fine as a game is 40-60 minutes)

    I do not get:

    1. Stacks of 3 or 4 pre pubertal human "beings" who cant play for shit and doesn't understand no one hear their Teamspeak. Then starts to blame the other people because they don't follow the game plan they shout in TS.
    2. People with 20 wins that queue with their mate who has 400, and in the end feed 0-15 and the game is lost.

    People who complain here must be the ones who normally flame others with their BRO STACK or just isn't good enough to pull his/her own weight.
    If you don't like it, then play normal mode or queue with your friends. There mustn't be a this OR this.

    Single Queue is a fantastic addition to the game! Thanks!

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    Played three games so far, and they were balanced. People in my team and the opposite were same level. But mostly, guys (on both teams) were kinda 'ok' players, like they don't have that much experience. Also I noticed that many games had people from different countries. I play in South America, and usually had 8~10 brazillians per game, now it is 4~5. I think this is probably due to the fact that not many people are on solo matchmaking yet, so the search range goes bigger, and the teams get matched up like this.

    I don't think it's the system's fault, I think it's the lack of players there.
    So far, loving it.

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    Exclamation My Opinion

    In my opinion the solo matchmaking isn't better than the orginal one. Both are completly bad.


    -No wannabe Tryhard Groups
    -Stable Queue waiting Time


    Gamemode: Captain Draft won't find any matches. I waited like 15 min. for a game cancelled it. I choosed different Regions and nothing happened. I always received the same result. No Match.

    Low Players / Unbalanced Matches: Meanwhile when i play solo matchmaking the skillvalue of the players felt down to 0. Playing Games with Tinker Phase boots, Obsidian Destroyer losing mid against Pudge and stuff like that. Skill build of the people are completly wrong for example Rhasta (Shadow Shaman) on dual hard lane with naga skilling Hex and Shakle vs Tide and Shadow Demon. Top lost the lane too. The people played 200 meanwhile i have over 800.

    Miserable Communication: People are always flaming, blaming and try to explain or try to teach dota even they suck or people from other countries are talking their language. I always play games with the language english but i always get 95% of all games 2 "newbies with other language" in my team.

    So what should valve do?

    Improve the matchmaking system:

    Valve should rework on the matchmaking system. They should save the Win/Lose Stats at your profile with a Title like "Old Stats".

    New Matchmaking System.

    I don't know if someone played Starcraft 2 Ladder. There is a fantastic Matchmaking System. Blizzard made a kind of Matchmaking system based by win and lose. Before you play in the divisions you need to be get rated.
    You play 5 Games. If win all 5 Games -> You will probably play in the Gold Divison. If you win just 3 you play silver divison and s.o.

    Valve should make 6 Different divisions. THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE!

    So in DotA you should play atleast 10 games to get rated. Division 5 = 0-30% Winrate Games needed: 0
    2.nd Division 4 = 31-40% Winrate Games needed: 0
    3.rd Divison 3 = 41-50% Winrate /+additional rating Games needed: 50 Division 2 = 51-60% Winrate /+additional rating Games needed: 300 Division 1 = 61-70% Winrate /+additional rating Games needed: 450 Master Division= 70<% Winrate or 61-70% /+additional rating Games needed: 700

    The other problem is that people who plays support might get underrated. I know its hard to play support and to get up to these divisions. So there is a solution for everyone. This would help people to get better rating with low winrate%.
    For example: Everyone knows, someone is supporting the team, he is doing the right job, buying courier, wards, smoke, buying right items like mekansm pipe but they still lose games because the carry is unable to win the game or w/e. So people can receive additional raiting by voting.

    How to get additional rating: After each game people can vote the person who played really well.
    So the person can rate the person and a mentor of dota should check it. if the person is doing great he will get +additional raiting. This Rating should be probably based like the Vouch Request system from the other inhouse-leagues who already made it in the past.

    But you can also get - additional rating. I think i don't need to explain it. People get reports by game ruin, flaming s.o. so punishment with -Rating

    Rewards: So the thing is most of the people won't vote someone because i mean "why should I vote someone by good playing? I didn't get a vote too so why should I ? I think valve should make a little present for the players who really try to improve the Community and Matchmaking System with an unusal courier after a long time or some pretty cool cosmetic items or maybe Ingame title with = The Improver "XYZ" stuff like that. The people will be maybe happy. So maybe People will get in move to help the community / system.

    Harder Punishment:
    People should get harder punishments for flaming etc.
    Valve shouldn't reduce the availability of Report tickets. I mean 2 Reports per Week? Isn't that a little bit too low? I mean I report every game 2-3 People for flaming, game ruin and much more.
    Just remove the reports to endless. Yes i mean endless!
    So people might think: Oh so the player can abuse the report system, reporting for little mistakes etc.
    WRONG Valve should punish the people who are abusing the ticket system really hard like 2 week ban and mute ingame, 1 month ban w/e.

    So this is my opinion so far, i might add something etc. and sorry for my bad english skills.
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    It seems most people don't like it. I love it though! Sure it takes 10-15 minutes to find a game at times, but so far every game (except one) has been balanced. Each game I have lost so far in solo mm I'm not upset about. Because they have always been such nail biters and could have gone either way.

    I will be sticking to solo mm from now on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethitts View Post
    Sure it takes 10-15 minutes to find a game at times...
    Well i tried to play today, i waited 18:39 minutes to start a game with captains mode but i cancelled it. I think it isn't normal, is it? I mean i want to play DotA just in 2-3 Minutes. max. 5 min! I mean what is that?

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    My experience is that the player base is better and more mature in solo MM and the games are better. No tryhards or ragers and generally everything is MUCH MORE FUN!


    Takes way too long to find a match especially if people drop out and you have to re-queue. Sometimes it can take an amazing amount of time. It's a shame because this brilliant feature is being marred somewhat by a lack of use. It would be great if there was a way to encourage the player base to use it more.

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    It's upsetting that Valve decided to add this awful broken feature instead of fixing the already existing broken matchmaking in general. It's so bad it almost makes me want to quit. I like the core gameplay but the people I get stuck with just ruin it.

    All I can do is feel some slight comfort in the fact that Valve stated this is just the first step in a series of matchmaking fixes.

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    If you can develop an automated report system that can detect all forms of trolling, you may have solved the as well and need to contact an academic institution immediately

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    Quote Originally Posted by [TTPN] Shadow Moon View Post
    Well Valve, fuck you, Blizzard is better than you.
    Keep repeating a lie long enough and you'll eventually believe it's true.

    ^ Do you know what this is?

    It's a system that makes you pay cash for waiting in line, a system that actually makes more money the longer you wait.
    Now compare it to a system which lets you play for free and suggests a hat for you to buy, if you want.

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