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Thread: Stretch goal 2 of international compendium has reached but havent implemented yet

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    maybe it will evolve today

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    "As the tournament evolves, so too will your courier. Spectating matches from the International using the in-game spectator tools will unlock new ways to customize its appearance. The International Smeevil page within the compendium will let you change its appearance if you have unlocks available to you."

    Translation for those that dont get basic English:

    You have to watch games BEFORE the "Additional stages" become available, they are not unlocked by default, however once they are unlocked you can change your Smeevil to however you like.

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    Lol Noobs , valve will announce it that the stretch goal is completed with the details , spectating games will unlock various ways is already a otpion DIFFERENT from the stretch goal completions -.- go learn english again

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