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Thread: Window alert/focus when a game has started

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    Window alert/focus when a game has started

    I'm sure this is not a high priority item, but would help in those who idle and await a game to start sometimes for 15+ minutes at a time for the Dota2 icon to alert you or draw up the window.

    If the window focus is not on Dota2, so you have alt-tabbed elsewhere, when the game begins to load or the game is "waiting for players" it would be nice for the dota2 window to try to refocus on itself. Games like Starcraft2 are currently doing this by either blinking or just grabbing focus forcefully.

    Would also cut down on the number of folks idle at the beginning of a game or leaving the game in the first 5 minutes when they realize they've been given a random hero after waiting in queue for 15 minutes.

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