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    Lightbulb Bot Debugging Tools

    In the next update (December 1st), there will be a new console command that will dump to your screen a ton of information about the current state of the bots. Then, you can take a screenshot and post it along with a description of what you think they're doing wrong, which will be really useful in figuring out what the bots are "thinking". You can use it two ways:

    This will dump the overall state of all the bots. Use this when you want a snapshot of what your bot teammates or the enemy bots are thinking. It's more useful when the team as a whole seems like it's doing something strange.

    dota_bot_dump_state heroname
    If you supply a hero name (or just part of it) after the command, it will dump a more detailed description of what that specific bot is thinking. This is useful is a particular bot is doing something strange, or seems stuck. In these cases please also have that hero selected so we can see gold/inventory/cooldowns, etc.

    Additionally, if you don't have the console enabled or just don't want to use it, as of the December 15th update, you will be able to just do -dumpbots in chat to dump the bot state as well.

    And finally, you can use dota_bot_client_debug 1 to display a brief description of what they're thinking.

    I'll keep this post updated with other tools, as we add them.

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