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Thread: Odd laning choices by bots (Unfair difficulty)

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    Odd laning choices by bots (Unfair difficulty)

    Radiant Team: Anti-Mage (human), Juggernaut, Windrunner, Vengeful Spirit, Crystal Maiden.

    I headed to bot lane as AM. The obvious laning choice is then CM/Jugg top, WR mid, AM/VS bot - one support with each carry, WR can solo, and CM+Juggernaut is a great combination.

    Instead, the bots did this. WR and CM top, VS soloing mid, and Juggernaut/AM bot.

    Bots should be making smarter choices about laning: putting carries with support where possible, and opting for combinations like CM/Juggernaut, stun+Axe wherever it works.

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    Aha -- AM wasn't marked as a hard carry, so the bots didn't know what to do with him. Good catch, will be fixed in the next update.

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