I just got booted from a game with the error message "Disconnected from server. Unable to establish connection to the server". My connection was still working and I was still Teamspeak and the stream I was watching was still going.
I then tried to reconnect to the game but kept getting the same error.
I then restarted Dota 2 and tried again, but still got the same error.
I then rebooted my modem and tried again and then it worked.
Meanwhile all this happened, the enemy team kept unpausing and I had gotten an abandon and the game (we won in the end) didn't count for me nor did I get any points.
This is some bullshit and I demand to have this revoked. This is even the second time I get an abandon because of something going wrong on your end and back then you didn't do anything either. It is extremely infuriating so please do something about this, thanks!