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Thread: [Confirmed] Dual Breath Geometry Has Multiple Issues

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    [Confirmed] Dual Breath Geometry Has Multiple Issues

    I'm baaaaaaack, and I've got a few ideas for some new bug reports.

    Dual Breath's geometry is significantly different from its DotA 1 incarnation in many aspects.

    DotA 1 behavior:
    1. Jakiro would begin his cast time.
    2. Upon reaching his cast point, a Frost Nova-based 30ms/20as 4 second slow would be applied to units whose centers were in the following area:

    3. At the same time, a blue Frost Breath would be released, dealing 35/70/105/140 damage on impact with no other effects, traveling at 1050 speed and affecting the following area:

    4. 0.3 seconds pass.
    5. An orange Flame Breath would be released, dealing 35/70/105/140 impact damage and 5/10/15/20 damage over time for 4 seconds, resulting in 4 ticks of damage, at 850 speed, released from a point 50 units forward in the direction Dual Breath was released, affecting the following area:

    In total, the AoEs looked like this:

    Images better viewed here.

    Notable errors in Dota 2:
    1. The slow effect's AoE is significantly reduced. Most notably, the slow is not applied behind Jakiro anymore.
    2. Conversely, the slow effect reaches a bit further than it should in front of Jakiro.
    3. The slow effect has a travel time, which is 1050, instead of being applied instantly when cast point is reached.
    4. The initial Frost Breath appears to be released further forward from the Flame Breath, rather than the other way around, as evidenced from the following screenshot:
    In this screenshot, Slithice was hit only by the first breath, which applied 140 damage, no DoT, and a 30ms/20as slow.

    The DotA 1 behavior is not an engine limitation.

    Thanks to ThoAppelsin for help.
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    awesome bug report.

    added to sticky.
    it always felt kinda off.
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