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Thread: Suggestion : New Hero Treasure Chests

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    Exclamation Suggestion : New Hero Treasure Chests

    Hey Everyone.

    I really like it that Valve is releasing new items, taunts, HUDs etc... through different Treasure chests, which also gives you a chance to get a courier with new effects.

    But.. It would be better if they could start releasing New Hero Treasure Chests again which only gives you strange hero items... like earlier times. (Jugg, NP, BS, Axe)

    I'm not saying that they stop releasing these random chests. but start releasing Hero treasures.

    I would love to see WR, CM, AM, POTM, Sniper, and many more Hero treasures.

    Anyway this is my suggestion/Opinion.

    Rate the thread if you like the suggestion as well.

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    Chaos Knight, Wisp, Tusk, Rubick

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    A treasure chest for Wisp? What will it contain? 1 item?

    Rubick is a good choice.

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