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Thread: [Confirmed] Astral Imprisonment interacts wrong with low INT Heroes and Bonus Stats

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    [Confirmed] Astral Imprisonment interacts wrong with low INT Heroes and Bonus Stats

    1. Get OD with Astral Imprisonment level 4 and Troll on level 1
    2. Banish Troll 2 times
    3. OD receives 20 INT. Troll remains on 1 INT.

    Expected Result: OD should only get 13 int (or 12 seems you can get below 1 int)

    Now get some GG Branches for Troll and banish him twice again.

    Result: Troll loses his basic and bonus INT (13 basic int + 6 bonus int → 1 basic int + 0 bonus int)
    Expected Result: Troll should only lose his basic and NOT his bonus INT (13 basic int + 6 bonus int → 0(/1) basic int + 6 bonus int)

    You can expand this stats steal with Slark's Essence Shift.
    In D1 there is some weird interaction if you attack this Troll with 0 basic int. Slark receives 1 bonus AGI and Troll receives 1 basic Int/loses 1 STR and AGI afterwards he steals just STR and AGI and gets 2 bonus AGI
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    Dual duplicate... Sorry :P

    Slark stealing agi bug low 291:

    Astral imprisonment bug is mixed in with decay (should probably be more generalised too) Low 170:

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    added to sticky.
    gonna align it with the other bug reports.
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