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Thread: [Confirmed] Eye of the Storm deals way too much damage on tower

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    [Confirmed] Eye of the Storm deals way too much damage on tower

    1. Get Aghanim's on Razor
    2. Levelup Eye of the Storm
    3. Stand next to T1 tower and activate EotS

    Example with lvl 1 EotS on T1 Tower
    In DotA 1 it deals about 275 damage but in Dota it is around 533

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    I'm guessing it either ignores the towers armor, or the towers armor type (probably the latter).

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    275 vs 533 (should be 550?) I would agree. Is the 533 because it's missing a tick? Like off the front or tail end?

    (0.06*18)/(1 + 0.06 * 18) = 0.52
    20/0.65 = 30.76 --> truncate to 30
    30*(1-0.52)*37.5*0.5 = 270.5

    Sounds about right, and the dota 2 is just missing the final 0.5 for fortified armour.
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    added to sticky.
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