Before people spam the classic "HERP DERP EVERYTHING SUCKS IF YOU WANT RETARDED SHEET GO BAK TO LOL", let me first explain what the sarcastic announcer is all about.

Long time ago, when the Gab- I mean, Gamecube was still kicking ass, they released a game called "Wave Race: Blue Storm". And well, this game was a bit bad. But you know what made this game more famous? A hidden easter egg. If you put the Konami code in the option Screen, it will unlock a special announcer that will take the place of the original one. And this announcer is the Sarcastic announcer. This dude just makes sure you realize how bad you are at everything, makes fun of you, and further more, is hilarious.

Now think of something like this, in Dota 2: You pick a hero, and he says "You have chosen poorly". The match starts, and he says "You are not good at all". You die, and he says "You have betrayed what little trust i put on you". You lose the match, and he says "You don't have inferiority complex, you're just inferior".

Of course, this kinda breaks the 4 wall, but hey, the PFlax Announcer does the same. It should be of a joke, to have some laugh meanwhile you play. Of course, this "joke" should not be in the store, for same. Why not leaving it secret, like the original one? You use the Konami code in the Options screen, and in the next match, any announcer you pick, will be changed by this one. And to make it even more special, the Valve staff should do it. Well, why not? Meanwhile everyone works with those fixes, you can work on this.

Yet again, this is just a suggestion. Pretty much everything Valve does, ends up being nice, but Dota 2 doesn't really have Easter Eggs or Secrets, like their other games. Just giving ideas.

Oh, and if you want to check the original announcer, just seach for it in Youtube. There must be videos about it.