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Thread: [Idea] Mute System Solution

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    Lightbulb [Idea] Mute System Solution

    Let's fix this new mute system.

    Old Action:
    -disruptive player is completely and utterly muted

    New Action:
    -game announces <player> might be disruptive at the start of the game and reminds players of their ability/right to mute said player

    Simple, elegant, does not interfere with miss calls etc. The new system should work completely independently of the LPQ system so that if "the offender" gets enough reports then they'll still be sent to LPQ as they would be normally. Having this announced may make the "offender" more likely to be muted, possibly more likely to be reported. Or it might do the opposite and let them know that they've already been reported enough for communication for the system to issue this "warning" of sorts but not enough yet to be sent to lpq -- i.e. they can shape up over the next game or two. Thoughts?

    e: actually the lpq system has been revised or whatever so take this with a grain of salt, with the "new" lpq in mind (not sure how strict valve is/will be on the 4 reports per week now)
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    -game announces <player> might be disruptive at the start of the game and reminds players of their ability/right to mute said player
    This might actually be toxic.

    A lot of people who get trash talked doesn't mute the trash talker but reply back resulting in a flame war. Also the idea that you have muted him but him talking on your back to your teammates also prevents you from muting him. You simply read what he says and try to ignore it.

    Now saying at the beginning of game "this player right here is a trash talker candidate!" creates another basis of trash talking.

    The intention is good but the result can be totally different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GermanViet View Post
    This might actually be toxic.
    That's a "Riot Games" word. It has no meaning other than justify their bad decisions.

    There is nothing 'toxic' about the idea. The only toxic thing is your mind. Toxin: Riot Games brainwashing.

    Allowing players to mute who they think is offensive is great. Mute bans are retarded. You said a potty word? Well gosh mister we don't have room for potty mouths here, in 4th grade! Sit in the corner and think about what you have said!

    Seriously, if you want to mute swearing players, go ahead. But don't ruin everyone's games because you don't want people to say "Fuck" in your games.

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    I do say fuck in games when I die. And I have not been muted a single time.

    Also I do not play LoL. No reason to bring up Riot.

    I stated my opinion. Calling out a single player who is flagged might have a consequence of him being reported again.
    It can lead to more trash talking.

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    this is a marvelous idea!!!

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