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Thread: Tournament item bugs

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    I've just got my favorite hero's tournament item, with my favorite team's tag, too bad it's bugged, no description at all when viewed in game.

    I'd very appreciate it if someone would take some time to fix this one...

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    Thank you before for anyone who's noticing / willing to help... Gl

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    Good news! We're coming up on the 6 month anniversary of tournament items being messed up!!

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    I have over 130 tournament items and can seldom see the tags within dota becuase when i try to do any thing in my backpack such as view the item tag or rearrange items results in an immediate and momentary disconection/timeout from the dota server,
    this is due to the way the items refresh the tag info from the server..
    i know this cause i tried moving all the tournament items to a different account and then it too sufferers the same problem while the account without tournament items has no timeouts or disconection issues

    also viewing the items through steam or a web browser the tags etc show fine and cause no issues ,
    it only seems a problem when viewing the from within dota 2 backpack

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    I've just received an item (rare bone pauldrons), it has no game tag or anything... It's just named "tournament" with purple colored font... I got it for witnessing first blood (navi vs vp, dream league).
    So yeah, first blood items are still bugged...
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    My TI2 Grand championship lockjaw used to have the description that the match was in the "Grand Championship".

    I don't know when this occurred, but the match description tag is no longer there and new tournament drops still have their match descriptions.

    This is a key issue since IG played Na'Vi during two separate matches during The International 2 (Finals Winners Bracket and Grand Finals) and there is no way to differentiate between the two matches now.

    Could anyone please look into this?

    Thank you

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