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Thread: [Confirmed] Orchid's Soul Burn is purgeable

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    [Confirmed] Orchid's Soul Burn is purgeable

    In DotA 1 only the silence can be purged and the Soul Burn Amplification still remains
    In DotA 2 both effects getting removed.

    in some way related to these
    Low 247 Soul Burn (possibly other effects) triggers its damage too early when the target is being disrupted (possibly other hidden effects such as ai), gets invulnerable or magic immune
    Omniknight's Repel does not purge the soul burn in that case because Omniknight wouldn't benefit from it (Soul Burn is negative for AM).
    If Omniknight/AM would be in the same team then Repel would purge Soul Burn and Silence (you cant notice this cuz Repel has a minimum Duration of 6 seconds and Orchid lasts for 5)

    Moderate 216 Comprehensive List of incorrect Purge interactions
    The list provided of 'ohne_caps' just says that Orchid is purgeable but gives no further information
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    added to sticky.
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